The topics listed below give a general guideline for possible contributions:

  • Acoustics

  • Vibrations and structural dynamics

  • Electromagnetism

  • Nuclear transport

  • Geophysics

  • Multi-objective optimization

  • Imaging

  • Design of experiments

  • Heat and mass transfer

  • Physical property estimation

  • Fluid mechanics

  • Signal and noise processing

  • Solid mechanics

  • Benchmark results

  • Tomography

  • Novel methodologies

  • Chemistry and combustion

  • Inverse scattering

  • Materials processing

  • Uncertainty and decision making

Contributions dealing with practical applications are encouraged, such as in petrochemistry, aeronautics, astronautics, bio-medicine, transport and sensing of pollutants, materials processing, remote sensing, non-destructive evaluation, material property determination, acceleration of optimization procedures, etc.